HERO Award Reception

Tuesday, September 10, 2019
5:30 PM

Join HERO as we celebrate the 2019 UPMC Healthy HERO Award recipient. Enjoy live entertainment and a toast as you meet new people and connect with old friends.

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Stretch Breaks

Tuesday, September 10 & Wednesday, September 11

Networking Breaks

Oregon Ballroom Foyer


Lower Level 2

Get up and shake out the kinks from sitting between sessions. Try on the wearable sensors and complete a series of movements designed to increase flexibility, strength, and range of motion in your joints. Stretch breaks available during each break in the Ballroom Foyer on Tuesday and Wednesday and during lunch on Lower Level 2.

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Morning Yoga & Meditation

Wednesday, September 11 & Thursday, September 12
6:00 AM
Wednesday, September 11
3:55 PM
Oregon Ballroom

WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY AM: Start your day and clear your mind with Virgin Pulse Certified Health Coach and Yoga Instructor Courtney Parks as she guides you through a one-hour morning yoga sequence which will link breath with movement in gentle Vinyasa flow for all levels.

WEDNESDAY PM: Give your mind a break as Virgin Pulse Certified Health Coach and Yoga Instructor Courtney Parks brings mindfulness and grounding to your day through traditional body and breathing methods.

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Charging Stations

General Session Room

Recharge your phone, tablet, or PC while in session. Recharging stations will be available in the general session room for your convenience.

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At the conclusion of HEROForum19, HERO will publish written summaries of select presentations from the Forum. The proceedings will be distributed broadly and will be publicly available on the HERO website.

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