Robin Rager

Making Well-being Shine in the Golden State

Tuesday, September 10, 2019
2:40 pm – 3:40 pm
Robin Rager, PhD, FAWHP
Vice President for Health Management
Robin Rager, PhD, is vice president for health management with Keenan. He has been involved in the health and wellness field for over three decades as a college professor, researcher, and consultant. His professional activities have focused on the design, implementation, and evaluation of effective population health management programs in a variety of populations and settings, including schools, municipalities, government agencies, healthcare systems, railroads, and other public and private entities. Before joining Keenan in 2010, he served as the director of Penn State University's Center for Worksite Health Enhancement and performed independent consulting work. Robin has provided numerous presentations and articles on health and wellness. He has been honored as a fellow of the Association for Worksite Health Promotion, chaired the American Public Health Association's Worksite Health Promotion Committee, and participated in the development of the Healthy People Objectives for the Nation. He holds a PhD in health education from Penn State.

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