Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Wednesday, September 11, 2019
10:35 am – 11:35 am
A psychologically healthy workplace is crucial to developing a healthy and productive workforce. While organizational attributes are important, at the foundation of a psychologically healthy workplace is the psychological health and well-being of each employee. Much in the way that health assessments focus on largely physical health risks, a parallel for behavioral health assessment through understanding cognitive health ‘risks’ hasn’t generated particular interest – despite recognition that one’s thought processes are the driver of unhealthy behaviors. Providing actionable individual and business intelligence is essential to meaningful change. Understanding each individual’s cognitive drivers can yield meaningful insights for workplace performance, and provide a basis for personalized coaching with the potential for sustained benefit. Perhaps most importantly, the entrance of millennials into the workforce has resulted in a near-epidemic of social isolation, which can be explained in large part to impairments in root-cause cognitive drivers. These, in turn, appear to be a manifestation of today’s technologically advanced society – which has effectively limited development of a fuller sense of self. Understanding and support to improve individual root-cause thinking drivers can likely accelerate development of a psychologically healthy workplace.

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