Texas A&M University
College of Architecture, Texas A&M University
College of Architecture, Texas A&M University
Tuesday, September 10, 2019
2:40 pm – 3:40 pm
How far outside our disciplines should we venture in search of innovation through interdisciplinary collaboration? This presentation will discuss how unlikely partnerships between psychology, architecture, engineering, vetmed and community are leading to creative solutions that advance well-being in and out of the workplace. University settings provide ingredients for interdisciplinary collaboration and the Telehealth Counseling Clinic (TCC) could not be at the forefront without other disciplines. At the core of the clinic is our community based participatory model for increasing access to services by working WITH and not just IN communities. Working with systems engineers has helped us model our telehealth approach and better understand the work system. The College of Architecture is helping maximize space without sacrificing the well-being of clinicians through designing telehealth booths. And by working with Veterinary Medicine we can honor the One Health Initiative that supports there should be no divides between human and veterinary medicine. After completing this session, participants will be able to: (1) Understand the urgency in assessing the mental health needs in their spheres of influence; (2) Gain an understanding of research support of interdisciplinary collaboration in telebehavioral health initiatives; and (3) Describe the roles and responsibilities that engineering, architecture, vetmed, and the community play in addressing mental health needs.

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